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Product: 10 Seater Foldable Poker Table

Review: Yes this is a Trade Me special freshly imported from China and the quality is not fantastic but I love it! It adds a real feel to your poker game and it sits 10 easily although 8 very comfortably.
This is a heavy beast of a table and I use my 4 wheel drive car to cart the table to the appropriate venue each month. You may need to get very good friends with a chiropractor when using this table!
All that aside, its legs collapse and the table folds in 2 making it easier to store. My wife would be less than keen to have this as a permanent feature of our house so store somewhat easily in the garage.
When the table is setup, there is a slight dip in the middle but can hold the weight of a fully grown beer drinker leaning on the table in the middle!
The quality is a bit of an issue although I got this for a good price. The cup holders I had to re-stick down and the PVC side cushion split (due to the weight of the table in storage) but was fixed with some No.8 fence wire (more specifically some black gaffa tape!)
This is a great table and hopefully it will last the distance!

Rating: (7 out of 10)

Price: $70 - Not sure if they are still available.

Purchased From: Trade Me

Summary: Great table but the quality was a little off - still love it though as it adds to the poker night experience.

10 Seater Foldable Poker Table

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