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Product: $25,000 Monte Carlo Plaques

Review: These are a bit flash but at the end of the night it's great to get rid of the lower denomination chips and replace with these $25,000 poker plaques.
The plaques are made of a ceramic material and are actually quite heavy.
I guess I love these as it adds that little bit of James Bond Casino Royal to my poker nights. Iíve always loved watching the Bond poker games and seeing them throw in the big plaques!
These are pretty cool and definitely add that something special to the game.

Rating: (7 out of 10)

Price: $8.99 USD

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Summary: The guys love these and what a way to finish a poker night by trying to collect all these plaques!

$25,000 Monte Carlo Plaques

$25,000 Monte Carlo Plaques

$25,000 Monte Carlo Plaques

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