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Product: InPlay Clay Poker Chips

Review: I got these as a sample set from for $20 USD. I was keen to buy a set of clay chips and didn’t want to shell out a huge amount of money before seeing and touching!
These chips are pretty good although some of the chips appear to be slightly different sizes. Some of the colours of the chips are also a bit faded and I guess this was the kind of chip they were trying to create by making them feel like they’d been used in a casino for a couple of years.
The chips come in the following values and you can buy as many or as few as you like.
• 25c
• $1
• $2
• $5
• $25
• $100
• $500
• $1000
• $5000
They would be a good set for a cash game using the 25c, $1 and $2 chips.
The weight of the chips are good although if I’m being picky, fractionally light.
SidePot – the company that supplies the chips seem great to deal with and fast postage from the States.

Rating: (6 out of 10)

Price: $1.29 USD per chip!

Purchased From:

Summary: I was glad I bought the sample pack and not the whole set! I think there are better chips for your money on the market if you are prepared to send this amount of cash.

InPlay Clay Poker Chips

InPlay Clay Poker Chips

InPlay Clay Poker Chips

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